In Our Own Words...

It’s been said that you can’t really look back until you’ve come a long way. If that’s true, then Barker Advertising is entitled to some reminiscing. “Back in the day, ”16 megabytes of RAM was something to be proud of and a converted picnic table was the finest desk ever recycled – and that was before recycling was even cool.

After several years in broadcast, print and advertising, Bob Barker was convinced that with a famous name, ever-changing technology (and some luck), he could provide quality advertising services in a more streamlined, cost effective manner than the traditional advertising agency. The goal was simple: provide targeted, results-oriented advertising solutions to each client and most importantly, put the client’s needs first. And if all else fails, stay on time and on budget – a feat rarely seen in an advertising world where over-priced creative is often done on the back of a bar napkin.

Now that 16 megs of memory won’t even fire up your screen saver, how have we done? Well, not so bad. We’ve enjoyed success working in partnership with clients and other creative professionals throughout Alabama and beyond. Our creative work has been behind successful campaigns for clients such as the Central Alabama McDonald’s Co-Op, Bromberg’s, Aquatic Gardens, Southeastern Attractions, Rosebay Development Partners and Day Star Construction, just to name a few. Our agency also spent 5 years coordinating all marketing efforts for the largest family-owned furniture retailer in the state of Texas and we continue to provide marketing support for McDonald’s co-ops throughout the Southeast. We are also proud to lend our efforts to worthy causes such as Jefferson County Schools, The Ronald McDonald House, The Lovelady Center, and more.

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Our Team

  • Bob Barker - Creative Director
  • Toby Barker - Account Manager, Hattiesburg, MS
  • Chris Burns - Production, A/V
  • Tammie Howard - Media
  • Karen Kent - Video Production
  • Alison Lathem - Art Direction